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Myanmar Banking & Payments Conference
2nd Myanmar Manufacturing Summit 2016

နကၡတ္ေဗဒင္ ရႁေထာင့္ဴမင္ကၾင္း (၂၃.၄.၂၀၁၈ မႀ၂၉.၄.၂၀၁၈ အထိ)

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Open tender for carrying things
Open tender for sales of CGO from Than Hlin town,GEC Candle and Blue Oil from Chaulk town and CGO from Thanphar Kan town
Open tender for purchase of 8 kinds of Cable and Accessories ,and 35 kinds of Transformers and Electric Lines Accessories
Open tender for purchase and construction of 11 KV electric lines ,400 volt electric lines and 11/0.4K V transformer
Open tender for purchase of things to construct electric lines and things to use in system improvement
Open tender to construct electric lines
Open tender for purchase of 13 kinds of fuels
Open tender for purchase of 13 kinds of fuels
Open tender for sales of Urea Fertilizers 5 thousands ton
Open tender for purchase of 10 things for electronic distribution and 6 things to build electric lines
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